Aquineo self-image

Aquineo's vision


To offer best usability is Aquineo's prime ambition. Software should do exactly what users expect, not more and not less. Aquineo's vision therefore is to focus on small high-quality applications covering several ranges of software solutions. Aquineo will never forget that its main focus is the user.


In Aquineo's opinion you should never confuse the licensing issue with politics or personal credo. The software licensing will depend on the software created and its field of application. Although we would like to perpetuate the open source community open source is sometimes a good choice, but not always.


We believe in reasonable prices for software. Not the complexity of a solution in itself determines prices but the target group of users interested in the software. Even so, some of the software will be offered for free to support the spirit of information community.

International, open standards

The benefit of open standards can not be overestimated. Open standards are the reason for maintenance of communication in an evolving information society.